Our Story

Having just quit my corporate job as a recently married 21-year old, I sat down on my couch and did some soul searching. What do I really enjoy? I really love Jesus with my whole heart and I wanted to do something unique to bring glory to His name. I love being outside. Spending time in nature brings me closer to God than anything else can. I wrote down a handful of other interests but circled these two at the top. A couple days later, I was scrolling through Instagram and came to the realization that there was not really any cool Christian apparel brands out there. There were TONS of Christian brands, but I figured most people don't really want to walk around with huge verses plastered across the chest. So I took this newfound discovery, and put my business degree to work. A couple months later, we got started and set out to show the rest of the world that despite what they may have heard, having a relationship with Jesus is the only way to truly live your life to the fullest.

Ragamuffin Co. was born in the foothills of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. Our insanely comfortable clothing is outdoor-inspired and designed to get you ready for any adventure you may go on! We are a husband and wife team that creates radically awesome goods on a radical mission. You could summarize our mission statement with the verse below:

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”

Mark 16:15

We take the “Go into all the world” part very literally here at Ragamuffin Co. Basically, we believe that the best way to connect with God is through nature. We get stoked just thinking about hiking a mountain or taking a road trip through a national park. What really sets us apart from other outdoor apparel brands is that our designs are meant to point you to the one who created those wild places that you love to explore.

Because we are so passionate about this earth and the people who live on it, we have partnered with several charities that we believe help us fulfill our mission. You can read all about how me make an impact here.

Stay radical, people!

-Jacob & Jordan